Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet is een boek uit 2022 waarin de Britse zoöloog en columnist George Monbiot de impact van de landbouw analyseert en onderzoekt hoe de wereldbevolking op een meer duurzame manier kan worden gevoed. De huidige landbouwpraktijken, zowel intensieve als extensieve, leiden tot planetaire destructie. Oplossingen om hoge opbrengst te combineren met lage impact ziet Monbiot voor de tuinbouw in geavanceerde agro-ecologie, voor graangewassen in meerjarige alternatieven en voor de veeteelt in haar vervanging door bacteriëleeiwitproductie. uit Wikipedia complete boekbeschrijving

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The way we feed ourselves is suffocating the living planet. In his latest book, Regenesis, George Monbiot points to farming as the single biggest threat to the natural environment and its capacity to restore itself. Changing our food system is both essential and possible, but which solutions lead to a system that feeds the world without devouring the planet? What changes does Monbiot expect from the Dutch?

In Regenesis, Monbiot explores possibilities for worldwide access to healthy and affordable food by minimizing the impact of food production on the living planet. Our focus, he writes, should be on solutions towards more food with less farming. This requires a transformation of our entire relationship to the living world.

Land use is the issue that makes the greatest difference to whether terrestrial ecosystems and Earth systems survive or perish.

George Monbiot, Regenesis

To say that the food system needs changing is not particularly controversial. The debate on how to change it however is increasingly polarized. For a long time, discussions on the future of food have been characterized by a stalemate between ecomodernists and nature-inclusive enthusiasts.

Can Monbiot help us break through the deadlock and steer away from the familiar trenches of the debate?

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